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    If You Love Puppies You're Going To Love This New Card Game

    The ULTIMATE party game for puppy lovers!


    If you love your puppies, you’ll love playing Name That Puppy.
    Together at last, game night and puppies!


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    It's the classic question when getting a new dog..."What should we name him?"
    Get ready for some fun with friends, family, or anyone who loves puppies!

    Let's play!

    Which puppy would you name Duke?

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    Which puppy would you name Charlie?

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  • It's time for some puppy fun!

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  • FAQs

    Where can I buy Name That Puppy?

    Name That Puppy is available on Amazon for 13 dollars.

    How many people can play Name That Puppy?

    It’s recommended to have as few as 3 players and as many as 6.

    How long does it take to learn how to play?

    Most people understand right away or after the first round.

    How do I play Name That Puppy?

    To get started: Separate the cards into two decks, one with names and one with puppies. Each player draws 5 puppies and always keeps 5 puppies in their hand. To play: The pack leader flips over a card from the name pile. The other players play a puppy, face down, that they believe goes best with the name. The pack leader shuffles the cards, then shows all the puppies. The pack leader then picks the puppy they feel is best for that name. The player whose puppy was chosen wins the round!

    What’s the age range?

    Name That Puppy is meant to be played by puppy lovers of all ages. If you know how to read or have someone who can help you read, you can play!